Digital Printing- The Future of Printing!


Digital printing is undoubtedly the future of the print industry. Print media has been one of the most widely used and effective marketing and advertisement solution for business for decades. But the offset printing was too limited and used old techniques which fail to cover the current demand in precision and quality. One of the reasons why offset printing has become a thing of the past is its high setup and installation costs. Over that it only used old and stagnant processes which didn’t change for for all this while. But with digital printing the world is experiencing a way more cost effective solution to its printing needs which provide an overwhelming accuracy, precision, extremely detailed graphics and quality due to its technological advances.


A few points which give digital printing an edge are-


Precision- Digital prints are unaffected even if you repeat the prints a lot of times. The quality and accuracy remains the very same each time. Businesses around the world which want cost effective, waste-less and a less messier solution than offset printing have found their abode in digital printing solutions.


Quicker than ever- While offset printing needs a lot of time to setup the plates and begin the printing procedure, digital prints are way faster and you can have your prints almost instantly. Thanks to the ever advancing technology which has made this more possible today than ever.


Proofing- While there has to be checks and there’s a huge time consumption in offset prints when you have to print a bulk order, digital printing brings you a swift solution which has super-high accuracy and wouldn’t matter how many copies you want, the accuracy is absolute every single time.


Color- while offset printing limits multi-color use, you can use colors in digital prints as you wish with higher precision and a great quality in every single print you make. Digital printing even provides you better graphic incorporation options with good quality every time.


Cost effective- unit cost of digital printing is lower so it is way more efficient and time saving to go with digital printing because if the order is small, offset printing still takes a lot of time to setup and is tedious as compared to its digital counterpart.


Variables- If you want to print a letter with a different name on each one of them, digital printing is your saviour. You can feed the database which then directly incorporates the need and prints accordingly with each piece being distinct whereas in offset printing, you have to change plates every time and that makes the process hectic plus time-consuming. With digital printing the entire printing process is absolutely customizable. There is no need to stop and change press every time as digital printing allows print variables smoothly for many different types at the same type.


Print medium- There is enormous flexibility in digital printing when it comes to printing on different surfaces. Digital print has the capability more than any other printing option to adhere and stay on different types of surfaces like never before.


Options- This is one of the points where digital marketing outweighs any other kind of printing heavily. You have a lot of options to easily be met through digital media for your marketing and advertisement needs as it allows you to print on innumerable surfaces with innumerable customization options readily at your disposal still at an affordable rate.

Digital printing clearly beats offset printing due to the fact that it has eliminated a lot of mechanical and heavy steps in printing which makes it super cost effective and saves businesses a lot of money who want to get highly accurate, graphically varied and money saving options for their company needs. Digital printing is a clear winner due its technological advancements which have led to these advantages it has now.