“Love is not something you fall in but that you grow in.”

As the most awaited month of the year, i.e., the month of love draws near, we present something that will help bring out the love in each one of you too. 
It’s Loveria – The T-Shirt Design Competition in collaboration with Color Blind Communication.

Theme: Unconditional Love : It’s not for a reason or season, but for a lifetime!

So, put on some creativity, grab some passion, mix it up with love and get some amazing designs on the T-shirt.



· Students will have to complete the design in A3 or A4 on a T-shirt mockup and submit within the specified deadline.

· Send your Designs in JPEG/PNG format to [email protected] with

Subject: Printview Submission and

File Name: YourName_InstituteName/CityName

· Once the T-shirt designs are uploaded on the pages on social media (FB & Instagram), you will receive the Social Media uploaded links through the mail. Participants will have to garner likes and shares for their designs along with liking the below pages. The number of likes and shares also carry a specific weight in the final decision.



Creativity: 15%, Justice to the theme: 15%, Out-of-the-box thinking: 15%, Colors, Patterns & Designs Used: 15%, Likes & Shares: 40%

The decision of Judges assigned by the Organizers will be final and binding

· After the campaign is over and designs are declared, all designs will be up for sale but only the winners will be promoted. Winners will also be awarded Free T-shirts of their designs along with prizes worth 1500/-

· Sale margins will be given to the designers of the sold designs from the portal after the designs are up and links will be provided to you for promotion.

Deadline for submission of T-shirt designs: 7th Feb 2018

Deadline for garnering Likes for the designs uploaded in the Social Media: 10th Feb 2018 [The sooner you submit, the sooner we upload, the more likes you can garner]

“Tedha hai par Mera hai”- With this, we would like to invite the design maniacs in you to wake up to the call of love and weave some amazingly creative T-shirt designs.

Hurry up. Time is running out. Send in your entries. When you have the opportunity, why not spread love!